Providing Compassionate Healthcare in times of wellness or illness.

Family Medicine and Wellness is crafted to be a healing center for your Mind, Body and Spirit. It bridges Integrative Medicine with Western Medicine. We have traditional allopathic training as well as Functional Medicine & Integrative Medicine expertise. Sometimes people need prescriptive medicine and sometimes they would best benefit with supplements, Bio-Identical hormones or herbal preparations. Through conscious listening we are able to provide compassionate healthcare in times of wellness or illness.

Nanette Ford PA-C is now offering a GPS Medical Program membership to Family Medicine & Wellness on a yearly basis.  This annual membership will include the following benefits:

  • Executive wellness physical analysis which includes
  • Lab evaluation (lab tests not included)
  • Hormone evaluation (men and women)
  • Supplement evaluation and plan
  • Patient portal and Online scheduling access
  • Telemedicine visit option
  • All other visits and services, which occur during your membership year, will be billed to you directly or to your insurance company, as you chose. I will remain a preferred provider for many insurance companies.

In addition to the GPS Medical Program, I am offering an add-on DNA Health Optimizer Package, which will include a full DNA evaluation for true personalized medicine.  This information helps us modify your areas of gene vulnerability to create a different aging outcome. DNA Health Optimizer includes the DNA testing cost, the extensive analysis, health planning, and review visit based on this testing. This add-on program is generally a one-time addition to your Annual GPS Membership and not repeated in subsequent years. This program is available to GPS Members on a limited basis each year.

As your medical provider, I intend to continue to inspire you to discover your true health and wellness potential. Consider me your medical GPS route finding system ensuring you do not get lost along the way to graceful aging.

As with any membership program there is a maximum capacity on the number of patients I accept into the practice. This allows me to maintain my accessibility and ability to spend time with each of you.

My vision of health encompasses mind, body and spirit; your inner and outer world.  This includes addressing the anxiety of these times and your personal aging process, by offering strategies and opportunities for grace-filled aging, which does not always require a prescription.

I will continue to offer Dysport/Botox injections for non-members on a space available basis

  • Healthcare for Men, Women and Children over age of four years
  • Bio Identical Hormone Therapy
  • Menopause evaluation & treatment
  • Graceful aging and wellness
  • Offering personalized comprehensive DNA Evaluation via IntellexxDNA
  • Botox / Dysport wrinkle eliminator
  • Personalized lifestyle medicine

Our Location

360 East Sun Valley Road, Suite 2nd East (upstairs), Ketchum, ID 83340